Foto Expression International - FEI and Photography.  

The advantage of FEI are:

The client often deals directly with image creators, facilitating communication.
What you see what you get because photographers have assumed the entire risk of production.

Cost Efficiency. A client can lease exactly the image needed and pay only for the intended usage, usually about a third of the productions cost.

Most FEI and FPINS shoots are in color on low-grain film, understanding the ease with which high-quality images can be digitally converted to black & white, high grain or other creative techniques.

Easy, low cost access to images for layouts and comps, available immediately from cataloged images on-line via: or on CD ROM.

FEI and FPINS images can be delivered as color slides or in digitized form in less than 24 hours.

Photo Editor.

FEI - Foto Expression International, was established in 1982 by Mr. Milan Kubik. FEI is photo stock agency for high-end markets. FEI brings full scale, advertising productions to clients who do not have the time, tolerance for risk or resources to commission an assignment. The shooting style of FEI photographers tends to be up-scale and reflecting events in the most true-to-life form. Together with poignant human interest, best exemplify the search for artistic excellence in the field of photography and television.

FEI - Foto Expression International.
266 Charlotte Str. Ste. 297
., Ontario.
K9J 2V4

Phone: (705) 745-5770

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