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On Line Help.


Recommend Browsers.
Netscape Navigator / Communicator and Microsoft Explorer provide the best experience with FPINS International On Line.


Modem & other hardware and computer related.
We do recommend at least a 28.8 bps modem.


Memory Allocation.
Make sure you've allocated plenty of memory to your browser to at least 4-8 Mb. Otherwise you may not see images.


Every time you must "Reload" for most Recent Information and Images!
You must use the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browsers to obtain latest information or Images.


Use of the "Stop" Button.
You can use the "Stop" button at the top of the browser window to stop the display of a page as it's being loaded.


Viewing and Downloading Images.
All materials are copy right protected and are displayed in low resolution. You must be a member of FPINS International "On-line" with full access for downloading.


Sending E-Mail to FPINS with Attachment and in ( .doc )

This is regarding saving and sending your articles by e-mail. You may be asked to send your article or text by e-mail ( do not send any materials by e-mail. without a permission or a request from FPINS International ).

1. Type and save file on Microsoft Word or others.

2. Go-to "File" (in your Microsoft Word - on top left corner.

3. Go-to "Save" ( not to "Save as" in Microsoft Word ) and save it with ending .doc ( example: writers.doc ) the name of the file would be writers.doc

4. Go on Internet and make a connection.

5. Go to Mail and open "New Message", type the address: operations@fotopressnews.org  in "Subject" type: Your name and Registration ID #.

5. Go-to "Insert File" - click on it.

6. Go-to (A: or C: drive) wherever you saved the "writers.doc", click on writers.doc

7. Click on "Attach" (under Files of type: you must have All Files (*.*) ).

8. Now you should have attachment to your e-mail. Send your e-mail. This should work if you are using MS Explorer or Netscape.

To send photos, images or illustrations by e-mail, please contact Operations for permission, otherwise file wont' be accepted.

  To obtain more information or help send your request to E-Mail to: Operations, FPINS International.